One of the most important decisions a homeowner must make is who they’ll trust to bring into their home for a plumbing repair. At Neches Plumbing we conduct background checks on all employees. All plumbers and apprentices at Neches Plumbing are licensed or registered through the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. TSBPE also conducts background checks on registrants and licensees. You can trust Neches Plumbing 100% in your home.

Neches Plumbing is the best plumber to call if you need residential plumbing work done. Your home's pipes and water fixtures are critical for clean drinking and bathing water, as well as sewage and wastewater removal. These things must be professionally installed and durable enough to resist corrosion and water leaks in order to continue operating properly. That’s why Neches Plumbing has spent decades offering expert, high-quality residential plumbing repair and new construction services for our customers in Palestine, Athens, Crockett, Jacksonville, Fairfield, Buffalo TX.

If you need plumbing repair, backflow testing, excavating, trenching, or a new construction plumber in Palestine Texas, contact us.


At Neches Plumbing, we proudly offer commercial plumbing installation, repair, backflow testing, excavating, and trenching services for our Palestine, Texas customers. We understand how important quality plumbing installation and repair can be for a local businesses to function efficiently. If you’re considering commercial construction, remodeling retail space, or just need routine plumbing maintenance, contacting an expert plumbing contractor for help is your best bet.

Our commercial plumbing experts are fully trained and certified to perform your commercial plumbing jobs in East Texas. Whether you need an emergency plumber to provide efficient repairs and replacement services or you have just purchased your business, you need to find a trustworthy commercial plumbing contractor near you to rely on. For more information on our commercial plumbing services in Palestine, Athens, Crockett, Jacksonville, Fairfield, Buffalo and surrounding cities. contact Neches Plumbing today.

Underground Utilities

Thanks to our large stock of quality equipment and tools, we’re prepared to help you with all your on-site underground utility needs. From electronic pipe locating to repairing and replacing underground water and sewer pipes, the Neches Plumbing team is your full-service plumbing and underground utility work contractor in East Texas.

Our sanitary sewer and water distribution experts are ready to help you identify, install, repair, and replace your underground utility systems in the Anderson County, Cherokee County, Henderson County, Houston County, Freestone County, Leon County and everywhere in between. For more information contact Neches plumbing today.

Gas Tests

A poorly functioning natural gas line can cause serious problems for your property and its occupants. At Neches Plumbing, we’re licensed plumbers who can help you restore your gas services in East Texas. We proudly provide home and business owners with gas test services by testing the pressure of the system and monitoring it to determine if a leak exists, then performing the necessary repairs.

After we’ve performed your gas test and any replacements or repairs, we contact the inspector to preform an inspection. Once the inspector passes the inspection then the gas supplier is notified to restore service. Call Neches Plumbing in Palestine, TX today to schedule a gas test from a qualified plumbing contractor in the Anderson and surrounding counties.

excavating & trenching Services

Sometimes a shovel and a lot of hard work simply won’t cut it. That’s when you need to bring in the big machinery to get the job done – fortunately, Neches Plumbing has the cutting edge heavy duty equipment you need.

Whether you need to dig a hole for your pond , lake, sewer system installation, or underground utility installation, the Neches Plumbing team provides professionalexcavating and trenching  services for our customers in East Texas. Our excavating and trenching services in Palestine, Athens, Crockett, Jacksonville, Fairfield, Buffalo and beyond are the ideal solution for your digging needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Sewer Installs

At Neches Plumbing, we know everything about sewer systems – inside and out. We pride ourselves on our quick, thorough, and courteous services that ensure your new sewer system installation is handled with expert care. Whether your home or business is a new construction or an older structure, a new sewer system installation is ideal for accomplishing your waste water removal needs.

Depending on your residential or commercial sewer installation needs, the process could take various paths. Our team will consider special ground conditions as well as the total utility and cleanliness of your land. We’ll walk you through your options for sewer system installation services and sewer pipe replacement, answering all your questions along the way.

If you have questions about sewer installation in Anderson County, Cherokee County, Henderson County, Houston County, Freestone County, Leon County and surrounding areas, contact the team at Neches Plumbing today.

Slab Leak Solutions

If you have a pipe running beneath the concrete foundation of your home that has broken, you are in urgent need of a slab leak repair. Early detection is key when it comes to slab leaks in East Texas – that’s why as soon as you notice the warning signs, you should reach out to the professional plumbing contractors at Neches Plumbing.

Whether you need us to reroute and eliminate the leaking pipe, re-pipe the entire system, or remove concrete to expose and repair the leak, our team of slab leak repair experts can get the job done. We’ve provided high quality slab leak repair solutions to our East Texas customers for decades coupled with top-tier customer service. For more information on our slab leak repair solutions, contact Neches Plumbing today.

Sewer Camera Services

If you are constantly having to call a plumber for stopped up sewer lines, chances are that you need a sewer camera ran down the line to determine where your problem exist.  After locating all of your problems our trained technicians can explain all of the different options of repair or replacment.

The sewer camera can not only give you a clear visal as to whats going on in your pipes but it can also give a precise location of where the sewer camera head is. It is good for locating lines as well. Call today to see the inside of your pipes.  

Backflow Testing

When your water purveyor requires you to do a backflow test, we are one call away from getting your backflow test done! Call us today to schdule your appointment.